MEMS Development Services

MEMS Vision offers access to its proprietary MEMS fabrication and packaging technologies to select customers who wish to fabricate next-generation MEMS devices and systems. With the support and expertise of our engineering team, your brilliant idea will quickly become an innovative product.

The MoSiC® MEMS fabrication technology allows the combination of multiple MEMS device types onto the same die, enabling a wide range of highly integrated solutions, such as a suite of different environmental sensors. By using the well-proven MoSiC® technology platform, you can achieve high-quality products and ensure fast time-to-market.

Depending on your strategy and needs, fabrication can be performed with our current partner fab or the technology can be transferred to a fab of your choosing. In the latter case, MEMS Vision will work closely with you and the chosen fab to get the process established quickly and efficiently.

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