MEMS Vision Sensors
in Medical Application


MEMS Vision’s sensors are well-suited for critical medical devices. The MVH4001D relative humidity and temperature sensors achieve excellent long-term stability and very fast response times, which are decisive performance factors in the medical sector. Combined with strong EMI rejection, the stability and sensitivity of this sensor are indispensable for superior performance in medical applications. Notably, the MVH4000D series sensors may be sterilized at up to 132°C and 2 bar, then continue maintaining their very high performance.

MEMS Vision will soon announce the launch of 3 new sensors, geared for medical applications: 1- Ultrasound Sensor Array; 2- Differential Pressure Sensor; 3- Particulate Matter Sensor (PM2.5). You can check out the benefits and features of these sensors by following the links below.

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