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At MEMS Vision, we design and manufacture a range of sensing solutions that enable our customers to develop smart products in the industrial, medical, automotive, and consumer sectors.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices around the world, we capitalize on decades of expertise, a portfolio of cutting-edge MEMS, ASIC, and Calibration technologies, and highly qualified engineers to empower customers to minimize their products’ footprint while extending battery life, with the highest levels of accuracy and longevity.

The MoSiC® Technology

Monolithic integration

The MoSiC™ technology was specifically conceived to allow the integration of MEMS devices directly above CMOS electronic chips, using standard IC fab equipment and materials. Since the technology is compatible thermally, chemically, and electrically with standard commercial semiconductor manufacturing processes, the functionality and performance of the underlying circuitry were shown to remain unaffected by the addition of the MEMS devices.

Silicon carbide

MoSiC™ harnesses the mechanical properties of silicon carbide to provide superior performance:

The high elasticity modulus of silicon carbide results in very stiff devices, ensuring high yield and robustness.

The high acoustic velocity of silicon carbide yields a higher resonant frequency for a given device size.

The high yield and fracture strength of silicon carbide translates into very rugged and durable devices.

Thin gaps

MoSiC™ offers very thin separation gaps when required (down to 50 nm) between the actuation electrodes and the moving structures:

Low DC voltages can actuate the devices, complying with CMOS chip constraints.

The AC signal insertion losses are minimized.

Our Team

The members of the senior business management team of MEMS Vision has 20+ years each of solid experience with international companies in the MEMS and semiconductor industries. The majority have engineering backgrounds with Ph.D. or Master degrees.

The senior technical members bring extensive industry experience and impressive track records, having worked with international companies such as TE Connectivity, NVIDIA, Silicon Labs, Synopsys, LSI Corp. (now Avago Technologies), CSR (now Qualcomm), IBM, Alcatel, and MEMSCAP.

The company encourages and supports its employees to continuously pursue further education and training, while striving to provide the optimal working environment for them to excel and innovate.

Careers at MEMS Vision

MEMS Vision believes its most valuable asset is its highly qualified personnel. This is why we always strive to further improve our teams by attracting the best and most talented people who, like us, are always looking to push the limits of innovation to new heights. We provide our employees with the best working environment, resources, and support to foster success.

MEMS Vision is in a fast expansion phase. If you are interested in joining our dynamic team, please send your resume and a cover letter to [email protected] ,
or apply to one of the open positions listed here, that we are currently looking to fill.

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