MEMS Vision Sensors in Automotive Industry


Relative Humidity & Temperature sensors, such as the MVH4000D series, are widely used in the automotive industry. They contribute to important tasks such as regulating combustion fuel mixtures, controlling passenger cabin air conditioning systems and preventing fogging-up of windscreens.

The automotive industry requires the highest levels of robustness, reliability, efficiency and durability in the products they use. All those qualities and more are harnessed in the MEMS Vision sensors thanks to the unique MoSiC® Technology upon which they are built.

MEMS Vision will soon announce the launch of its new Particulate Matter Sensor (PM2.5). This sensor is superior to its optical-based counterparts in that it measures the real weight of the particles and at the same time its size is very small and suitable for automotive applications. You can check out the benefits and features of this sensor by following the link below.

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