November 21, 2022

MEMS Vision Showcases Cutting-Edge Environmental and Ultrasound Sensor Technologies at Electronica, Munich 2022

[Montreal, Canada, 21-Nov-2022] – MEMS Vision, a leading smart sensors company specializing in environmental and ultrasound sensors, showcased its latest advancements at Electronica 2022, the world’s leading trade fair for electronic components, systems, and applications.

The highlight of MEMS Vision’s exhibit was the introduction of their next-generation humidity and temperature sensors MVH4000 series, boasting ultra-low power and very high accuracies and reliability. These sensors are set to redefine the industry standard for environmental monitoring, enabling precise data collection for various applications.

In addition to the groundbreaking humidity sensors, MEMS Vision unveiled three new products that are set to revolutionize the smart sensors market:

  • 3-in-1 Weather Station Chip: Capitalizing on its state-of-the-art humidity sensing technology, MEMS Vision introduced a 3-in-1 sensor that integrates pressure, temperature, plus humidity sensors into a single chip. This compact, versatile, and very high accuracies solution offers a seamless and efficient approach to environmental monitoring, catering to diverse industries.
  • True-Mass Miniature PM2.5 Sensor: Addressing the critical need for accurate PM2.5 measurements, MEMS Vision unveiled a true-mass miniature gravimetric sensor. This innovative sensor delivers precise data for particulate matter analysis, supporting advancements in air quality monitoring and environmental research.
  • Capacitive Differential Pressure Sensor Chip: MEMS Vision also announced a miniature capacitive differential pressure sensor designed to provide high-precision measurements for various applications. This sensor offers enhanced sensitivity and reliability, making it an ideal choice for industries requiring very small factor precise pressure monitoring.

Furthermore, MEMS Vision showcased its micro-machined ultrasound technology platform that caters to a broad spectrum of applications including industrial, consumer and IoT, medical imaging, and automotive. This cutting-edge platform emphasizes MEMS Vision’s commitment to providing advanced solutions for evolving technological landscapes.

We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovations at Electronica 2022,” said Tommy Tsang, VP of Engineering at MEMS Vision. “Our new products not only demonstrate our dedication to pushing the boundaries of smart sensor technologies, but also showcase our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of industries worldwide.”

Electronica 2022 provided an ideal platform for MEMS Vision to engage with industry professionals, showcase its groundbreaking products, and strengthen its position as a leader in the smart sensors markets.

For more information about MEMS Vision and its innovative sensor solutions, please visit

About MEMS Vision: MEMS Vision is a pioneering smart sensors company specializing in environmental and ultrasound sensors. With a commitment to innovation and precision, MEMS Vision develops cutting-edge sensor solutions that cater to a wide range of industries, including consumer and IoT, industrial, medical imaging, and automotive. For more information, visit

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