Evaluation Kit ( MVH3200D/MVT3000D)
USB or battery operation
adjust resoultion of the sensor
EEPROM for on-board data storage
PC software interface
Data logging mode or live data display
configure measurment parameters

The MVH3200D series Evaluation Kit is used to assess the high performance MVH3200D series humidity and temperature sensor chips. The hardware allows users to carry out data logging experiments, and can communicate with the MEMS Vision Test Studio software on a PC through a standard USB interface. This software makes it possible to view measurements in real-time, adjust the resolution of the sensor, configure measurement parameters, and download previously logged measurements. The evaluation kit can be powered directly from the USB port of a computer, or from a battery, to enable fully autonomous (untethered) data logging. The kit includes one MVEVB3 evaluation board and a set of three plug-in modules designed so that different MVH3200D sensors can be easily evaluated. The board includes a preprogrammed micro-controller and an USB interface.


  • Includes three MVH3200D series sensor modules and an extension cable
  • USB or battery operation
  • Convenient sensor monitoring
    • Data logging mode or live data display
    • Embedded measurement push button
  • Embedded micro-controller
    • Preconfigured for quick evaluation
  • EEPROM for on-board data storage
  • PC software interface
    • Pre-configured software package included
    • USB communications
    • Data logging and export ability
    • Configurable measurements (rate & resolution)

PC software interface