Custom MEMS Development

MEMS VISION’s  MEMS and ASIC design experts using unique fabrication technology offers customized design and development services.

MEMS VISION offers access to its proprietary MEMS fabrication and packaging technologies to select customers who wish to fabricate next-generation MEMS devices and systems. With the support and expertise of our Engineering team, your brilliant idea will quickly become an innovative product.

The MoSiC™ MEMS fabrication technology allows the combination of multiple MEMS device types onto the same die, enabling a wide range of highly integrated solutions, such as a suite of different environmental sensors. By using the well proven MoSiC™ technology platform, you can achieve high quality products and ensure fast time-to-market.

Depending on your strategy and needs, fabrication can be performed with our current partner fab, or the technology can be transferred to a fab of your choosing. In the latter case, MEMS VISION will work closely with you and the chosen fab to get the process established quickly and efficiently.

The MoSiC™ Technology

Monolithic integration

             For highest performance, sensitivity, and miniaturization

The MoSiC™ technology was specifically conceived to allow the integration of MEMS devices directly above CMOS electronic chips, using standard IC fab equipment and materials. Since the technology is compatible thermally, chemically, and electrically with standard commercial semiconductor manufacturing processes, the functionality and performance of the underlying circuitry was shown to remain unaffected by the addition of the MEMS devices.

Silicon carbide

              For high robustness, reliability, and durability

MoSiC™ harnesses the mechanical properties of silicon carbide to provide superior performance:

  • The high elasticity modulus of silicon carbide results in very stiff devices, ensuring high yield and robustness.
  • The high acoustic velocity of silicon carbide yields a higher resonant frequency for a given device size.
  • The high yield and fracture strength of silicon carbide translates into very rugged and durable devices.

Thin gaps

               For compatibility with low voltage CMOS

MoSiC™ offers very thin separation gaps when required (down to 50 nm) between the actuation electrodes and the moving structures:

  • The devices can be actuated by low DC voltages, complying with CMOS chip constraints.
  • The AC signal insertion losses are minimized.


The H-MoSiC Technology

H-MoSiC™ is a variant of the MoSiC™ process that is specifically conceived to allow the integration of MEMS humidity sensing transducers directly above CMOS electronic chips, using standard IC fab equipment and materials.