Design Services


ASIC  Development MEMS Development

By capitalizing on its unique fabrication technology, and harnessing the extensive MEMS and ASIC design expertise of its technical teams, MEMS VISION offers the following range of customized design & development services:

  • Design and development of custom MEMS devices.
  • Design and development of ASICs for MEMS-based solutions.
  • Turnkey solutions of MEMS-based systems.

Business Model

The company’s business models for custom MEMS development range from simple fixed fees for time and material, to a more involved model composed of NRE and IP licensing. This ensures that the model that best fits your needs and the nature of the desired development is adopted.

Development Strategy

MEMS VISION can support customers at one or more levels of the following product development phases, providing you with  a fully tailored development strategy:

  • Feasibility assessment & requirements definition
  • System-level specifications and design
  • IC technology selection
  • Circuit-level and MEMS device-level design and coding
  • Physical implementation (IC and MEMS layout)
  • Management of fabrication/production interfacing
  • Packaging and prototyping
  • Delivery of fully functional IC & MEMS samples
  • Development of test and characterization plans
  • Physical, functional, and reliability testing
  • Supply support and high volume ramp-up

Design for Manufacturability

MEMS VISION has a track record of constantly delivering first-pass silicon successes. To achieve this, we adopt a very rigorous and systematic design methodology to ensure utmost reliability. Namely, the most sophisticated industry CAD tools are used to execute a well-defined top-down design methodology which is combined with a bottom-up verification methodology, while appropriately mixing behavioral modeling and circuit/MEMS level simulations to maximize efficiency and accuracy.

To ensure final product success, system-level optimizations are started early on during the design cycle, including accounting for packaging effects and test and calibration needs. All aspects related to the design of the MEMS devices are optimized for manufacturing (e.g. the materials used and the device layouts).

Behavioral models are always verified and fine-tuned through experimental testing. In addition, all of our MEMS processes and devices are subjected to industry standard reliability tests.

Turnkey solutions of MEMS-based systems

MEMS VISION will capitalize on the unique experience, know-how, and solid track record of its technical staff, combined with its portfolio of silicon-proven MEMS and ASIC IP, to develop custom MEMS-based solutions which meet, and even exceed, the specifications and needs of each customer.

With a wide range of available business models, MEMS VISION ensures that your envisioned MEMS-based system is designed according to your specifications, and with your preferred level of involvement.