MEMS VISION’s sensors have a wide range of applications in the industrial market, in sectors ranging from Production and Logictics to HVAC and Agriculture.

Suggested Products: MVH3201DMVH3202D

Key Benefits:

  • Unmatched robustness, reliability, and durability
  • Highest accuracy in the industry
  • Fast RH response time
  • Lowest total cost solution
  • Ultra-thin and very small form factor
  • Highest protection of magnetic and electrical interferences
  • Good long term stability
  • Highest level of programmability in the industry
  • Fast digital communications
  • Wide range of supply voltage


Ambient processing conditions such as relative humidity and temperature have significant impact on many production processes. These conditions need to be accurately and rapidly monitored in order to allow for their control.

The MVH3200D series digital relative humidity and temperature sensors are notably very robust, and offer high precision combined with a high-speed response time. This combination makes these sensors the best suitable for production environments where temperature or humidity needs to be carefully controlled.

MEMS VISION’s MoSiC™ Technology employs Silicon Carbide (SiC) as its core structural material. SiC exhibits diamond-like properties and has higher elastic modulus, a higher acoustic velocity, higher strength at high temperatures, inert surfaces, and desirable tribological properties (resistance to wear) compared to many materials. This makes MEMS VISION’s sensors well-suited to a wide range of industrial and harsh production environments.

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)

Commercial and industrial buildings require HVAC systems that monitor and control air quality.  The control of environmental conditions such as relative humidity and temperature is paramount in such applications.

The robustness and high precision of the MVH3200D series sensors, in combination with their fast response times, make them well-suited for the control of a wide variety of commercial and industrial HVAC systems.


Modern agriculture constantly leverages new technologies to improve production efficiency, product quality, post-harvest operations, and reduce its environmental impact. Automation in agriculture brings about a fundamental contribution to what is now known as precision agriculture (or precision farming). Humidity & Temperature sensing and control is at the heart of these modern agricultural technologies.

The MVH3200D series sensors are very well-suited for such applications due to their very small footprint, ultra-low power consumption, high-precision, long term stability and ability to recover quickly from very high humidity levels (close to 100% immersion), which is frequently experienced in agricultural environments.

Harsh environment operation is possible due to the robust manufacturing process based on the MoSiC™ technology and the structural properties of Silicon Carbide (SiC) used in manufacturing MEMS VISION’s sensors


Modern logistics monitoring platforms connect goods to the internet via different wireless technologies. Combining relative humidity and temperature sensors with wireless technologies can achieve very desirable process optimization, and thereby sustainable added value in many applications.

The MVH3200D series sensor enables easy and compact wireless sensor application designs. The miniature digital sensor features ultra-low power consumption, long-term stability and high accuracy with a good performance-to-price ratio. Highly scalable volumes, cost effective sensors and high energy efficiency are essential to the logistics market.

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