MEMS VISION SENSORS in Consumer Electronics

Suggested Product: MVH3204D

Key Benefits :

  • Lowest total cost solution
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Ultra-thin and very small form factor
  • Unmatched robustness, reliability, and durability
  • Highest protection of magnetic and electrical interferences
  • Highest level of programmability in the industry
  • Fast RH response time
  • Fast digital communications
  • Good long term stability

Consumer electronics have very stringent cost and power requirements. MEMS VISION sensors can provide consumer electronics such as tablets and smartphones access to environmental data in order to enhance their feature sets or carry out real-time environmental conditions monitoring. MEMS VISION’s MoSiC™ technology is fully compatible with CMOS electronics, enabling our sensors to be highly compact and ultra-low power, with an excellent performance-to-price ratio. In addition, their digital operation, robustness, and fast response times allow for an easy and effective implementation into a wide range of designs. Moreover, the shielded metal lid  of the MVH3200D series sensors allows for reliable performance in the presence of interference from the wireless transceivers present in smartphones and tablets, and also ensures that the electronics from the sensor do not degrade the integrity of the wireless communications.

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