MEMS VISION SENSORS Household  Appliances

Suggested Product: MVH3203D

Key Benefits :

  • Lowest total cost solution
  • Unmatched robustness, reliability, and durability
  • Highest protection of magnetic and electrical interferences
  • Highest level of programmability in the industry
  • Fast RH response time
  • Fast digital communications
  • Wide range of supply voltages
  • Good long term stability

The efficiency of household appliances is now a dominant factor in the selection process of consumers. As a result, household appliances that are more efficient and conserve resources – without sacrificing performance or convenience – have a competitive advantage in the market. MEMS VISION sensors can enhance an appliance’s efficiency by providing robust and reliable data that can be used to save power and improve performance. Their digital operation, robustness, versatile programmability, wide range of supply voltages, low-cost and fast response times allow for an easy and effective implementation into a wide range of designs.

In addition to supplying sensors, MEMS VISION develops integration concepts in cooperation with customers and partners. These concepts ensure that sensors are optimally matched to general external conditions, so that they can provide the desired improvements in energy efficiency, performance and long-term stability.

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