Learn More about MEMS VISION

MEMS VISION is a leading semiconductor, sensors and MEMS company providing cutting-edge miniaturization solutions to the $11B sensors and high-performance electronics markets. The company capitalizes on a strong portfolio of patents and intellectual property on MEMS and ICs, and a team of highly qualified personnel, to offer a wide range of sensors related products and services to its customers and partners.

The company was founded and managed by a group of experts in the semiconductor and MEMS industries, to commercialize the outcome of more than ten years and multi-million dollars of funding of intensive research and innovation programs in the fields of micro and nanotechnologies. MEMS VISION has already provided sensing solutions and products to several international customers – for example, to customers in the aerospace industry. The company is continuously widening its application scope and customer base through the development of new products and IPs.

MEMS VISION is a proud member of the MEMS Industry Group™.

Our Team

The members of the senior management team of MEMS VISION have 15 to 20 years of solid technical and business experience with international companies in the MEMS and IC industries, such as MEMSCAP and Mentor Graphics.

The majority of the team members of MEMS VISION are Engineers. Most of them hold Ph.D. or Masters degrees.

The senior members of the technical team bring extensive industrial experience and impressive track records, having worked for, or with, international companies such as Newport Media, Mentor Graphics, Discera, IBM, MEMSCAP, and Alcatel.

The company encourages and supports all of its employees in continuously pursuing education and training while striving to provide the optimal working environment to excel and innovate.