MoSiC™ Technology Platform

MoSiC™ – A breakthrough platform technology

Over ten years of research and innovation on MEMS materials and processing have led to MEMS VISION’s present core technologies and IP, resulting in a rich portfolio of patents covering i) MEMS fabrication, ii) wafer-level packaging , and iii) novel devices and tuning mechanisms. All these complementary inventions have been fully demonstrated through the fabrication of many robust, reliable, and durable devices.

Full CMOS compatibility

Both MEMS and packaging technologies are fully compatible with standard CMOS semiconductor manufacturing, namely in terms of  the constituent materials, the chemicals used, and the temperature budget during fabrication. Only standard materials and equipment used in typical semiconductor fabs are needed to produce MEMS using this technology, making the process portable to most MEMS and semiconductor fabs around the world.

Micro-fabrication of sensors (e.g., Relative Humidity Sensors)

MEMS above-IC for higher performance, sensitivity, and integration level

Unlike some CMOS-IC solutions where the MEMS devices are built before or beside the electronics on the same die, our MEMS devices are grown “above-IC”, without any side effects on the electronics underneath. This directly results in smaller die sizes, higher performance for many applications, as well as higher levels of integration.

SoC or SiP integration

The close integration of MEMS with IC’s is critical for applications requiring very high sensitivity, very high speed, minimum power consumption, etc. For less demanding applications, MEMS devices can be fabricated separately, then coupled with the electronic die as a system-in-package (SiP) solution composed of multiple dies, or even as two distinct chips.

Silicon carbide for superior material properties

Unlike most conventional MEMS that employ silicon as their core structural material, our MEMS are made of silicon carbide (SiC). This material is commonly used in the manufacturing of CMOS electronics, for example in some high-end microprocessors.

SiC Advantages

SiC is a very attractive structural material for MEMS, because it yields a combination of superior properties compared to silicon, namely, higher elastic modulus, higher acoustic velocity, higher temperature resistance, higher ultimate strength, inert surfaces, and higher resistance to wear.

Maximum design flexibility for optimum performance

Building MEMS above IC gives us full control over the device parameters, e.g. constituent material and the thickness of the different layers, device sacrificial gap sizes, etc. This design flexibility provides additional degrees of freedom in device optimization, to reach the highest possible performance. In addition, our full control over the process makes it possible to modify or augment it with new features in order to meet your very specific requirements.

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