MEMS Intellectual Property

MEMS Intellectual Property

MEMS Intellectual Property (e.g., Relative Humidity Sensors)

MEMS VISION has developed over the years a solid portfolio of patents in microsystems fabrication and design, and possesses an extensive library of MEMS and ASIC intellectual property.

Our highly qualified and experienced technical teams continue to develop new innovative and very competitive IP in the fields of MEMS and ICs.

The company licenses its IP to select customers as needed, in order to speed-up development and time-to-market.

Long & Deep Experience with MEMS

Our technical staff has years of experience with a wide range of MEMS solutions and devices, including ultrasonic transducers (CMUTs), pressure sensors, high sensitivity and high speed humidity sensors, MEMS resonators for sensors and oscillators, RF switches, gyroscopes, and accelerometers.