Temperature Sensors

MVT3000D Series Digital Temperature Sensors


The MVT3000D series of temperature sensors offer high accuracy temperature measurements over a wide temperature range with micro-watt levels of power consumption.  These highly miniaturized smart sensors are fully calibrated and provide standard digital  I2C outputs to enable plug-and-play integration. The MVT3000D series are compatible with a wide range of supply voltages, and the resolution of the temperature measurements can be programmed for maximum flexibility and to minimize power consumption, depending on the application and operating conditions.

    • Wide Range of Supply Voltages: Whether your application requires a low voltage supply of 1.8V, or your system operates from a voltage supply as high as 5.5V, all of our products in this product line will deliver outstanding performance across this entire wide range of supply voltages, without the need for any additional modifications to your existing or new solutions.
    • Fully Programmable Resolution SettingsThe resolutions of the temperature readings can be set  from 8 bits to 14 bits. This provides the user full control over the resolution-power tradeoff. For example, in mobile phone applications where very high resolutions may not necessarily be needed at all times, considerable power savings and extension of battery life can be achieved by dynamically switching the resolution of the temperature readings to lower settings (minimum: 8 bits).


The MVT3000D series temperature sensors are ideal for use in environmental sensing for the consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, agricultural and other sectors. Some application examples include:

OEM products Battery-powered systems Smart phones and tablets
Instrumentation Drying HVAC systems
Medical equipment Meteorology Building automation
White goods Refrigeration equipment Data logging