MVH2003A ±2.5% RH

MVH2003A Analog Humidity Sensor

The MVH2003A is a good accuracy analog relative humidity sensor. The highly miniaturized smart sensors are fully calibrated and provide an analog relative humidity output that is ratiometric  to supply voltage. This sensor type supports systems operating in high noise environment where sensors with digital outputs cannot be used. It provides a high performance to cost ratio, while not compromising sensor accuracy.

Example application: Industrial Sector. Download Datasheet

Performance summary

 Relative humidity accuracy ±2.5% RH typ. (20 – 80%RH, 25ºC)
 Relative humidity response time 4 sec. typ.
 Supply voltage range 1.8 – 5.5 V
 Current consumption 130 µA avg. current (1.8V supply)
 Form-factor 3 × 2.4 × 0.8 mm
 Analog Interface 10% – 90% ratiometric analog output voltage
Relative Humidity Accuracy Plot
MVH2003A Relative Humidity Accuracy