Humidity and Temperature Sensors

MVH3200D Series Digital Humidity & Temperature Sensors

A product line carefully designed to fulfill the needs of a wide range of OEM applications
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Competitive Advantage: A unique Temperature and Humidity Sensor

A Unique Humidity Sensor that Includes a Temperature Sensor


MEMS VISION’s positions itself as your ideal partner for relative humidity and temperature sensing, by offering a versatile line of humidity sensor products that include a temperature sensor:

    • Wide Range of Supply Voltages: Whether your application requires a low voltage supply of 1.8V, or your system operates from a voltage supply as high as 5.5V, all of our products in this product line will deliver outstanding performance across this entire wide range of supply voltages, without the need for any additional modifications to your existing or new solutions.
    • Fully Programmable Resolution SettingsThe resolutions of the humidity and temperature readings can be set independently from 8 bits to 14 bits, for a total of 16 different combinations. This provides the user full control over the resolution-power tradeoff. For example, in mobile phone applications where very high resolutions may not necessarily be needed at all times, considerable power savings and extension of battery life can be achieved by dynamically switching the resolution of the relative humidity and/or of the temperature readings to lower settings (minimum: 8 bits).
  • A Comprehensive Choice of Different Accuracy Levels: We offer the industry’s highest accuracy miniature relative humidity sensors (±1.5 %RH), and a family of products with different accuracy levels (details below), ensuring the most competitive performance-to-price value in the industry, for a wide range of applications and customers.

Product Series

MEMS VISION’s MVH3200D digital relative humidity and temperature digital sensors family is composed of four variants: the MVH3201D, MVH3202D, MVH3203D and MVH3204D. Each variant provides different accuracy specifications, ensuring the industry’s most competitive performance-to-price value.

MVH3200D Series Relative Humidity & Temperature Sensors Accuracy Comparison
  Rel. humidity accuracy Temperature accuracy
MVH3201D ±1.5% typ. (10 – 90%RH, 25ºC) ±0.2°C typ. (-10 – 80°C)
MVH3202D ±2.0% typ. (10 – 90%RH, 25ºC) ±0.2°C typ. (-10 – 80°C)
MVH3203D ±2.5% typ. (20 – 80%RH, 25ºC) ±0.25°C typ. (0 – 70°C)
MVH3204D ±3.5% typ. (20 – 80%RH, 25ºC) ±0.3°C typ. (0 – 70°C)

Competitive Advantages

The MVH3200D series digital relative humidity and temperature sensor offers many competitive advantages.

Major Competitive Differentiators

  • Lowest total cost solution – a unique combination of high quality features and capabilities, at very competitive prices.
  • Highest humidity sensor accuracy in the industry – a 1.5 %RH accuracy for model MVH3201D (up to 14 bits resolution).
  • Unmatched robustness, reliability, and durability – achieved through the proprietary use of silicon carbide (SiC) to build and protect the miniature sensing elements of the chip. This material (SiC) is second in strength to diamond.
  • Highest protection of magnetic and electrical interferences – the only sensor in its class on the market featuring a grounded metallic shield to minimize interference from nearby electronics and interferers.
  • Highest level of programmability in the industry – in addition to the wide range of allowable supply voltages (1.8V – 5.5V), the resolutions of the relative humidity & temperature readings can be set independently from 8 bits to 14 bits, for a total of 16 different combinations, for optimum control of the power-accuracy tradeoff.

More Performance Benefits

  • Fast relative humidity sensor response time – typical 4 seconds rise time (63% of total variation).
  • Fast digital communications – only 5 msec to report one temperature (12-­bit) and one humidity (8-bit) reading.
  • Extremely low power consumption – in the low power mode (1.8V VDD, 8-bit resolution), the average power consumption is less than 2 μW (for one relative humidity and temperature measurement per second).
  • Wide range of supply voltages from 1.8V to 5.5V.

More Features of Interest

  • Good long term humidity sensor stability0.5 typical %RH drift over 5 years.
  • High accuracy of temperature measurement over an impressive wide range ±0.2°C temperature accuracy is guaranteed for the MVH3201D and MVH3202D products, over the range of -10°C to +80°C.
  • Ultra-thin and very small form factor2.4 × 3 × 0.8 mm DFN-style package.


The MVH3200D series digital relative humidity and temperature sensor is ideal for use in environmental sensing for the consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, agricultural and other sectors. Some application examples include:

OEM products Battery-powered systems Smart phones and tablets
Instrumentation Drying HVAC systems
Medical equipment Meteorology Building automation
White goods Refrigeration equipment Data logging
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