Products & Services


MEMS VISION provides a range of products and solutions to the sensors markets. At the core of it all are micro electrical-mechanical systems (MEMS) and high-end integrated circuits (ICs).

The company’s proprietary manufacturing and packaging platforms (MoSiC™) enable the fabrication of micro sensors that have mechanical properties superior to conventional silicon-based ones, resulting in unmatched accuracies, reliability, and durability.

Various sensors: humidity, temperature, environmental sensors

Digital Humidity & Temperature Sensors

The MVH3200D series relative humidity and temperature sensors are built using the company’s revolutionary H-MoSiC™ technology and the long experience of its team with MEMS and ASIC designs, enabling high levels of performance, such as fast relative humidity measurement speeds and very high levels of accuracies.

The technology also offers a very robust proprietary sensor-level protection, ensuring excellent stability against aging and harsh environmental conditions such as corrosion, scratching, shocks and volatile chemicals.

The highly miniaturized smart sensors provide standard digital I2C outputs which are fully calibrated and linearized for plug-and-play integration. The output relative humidity & temperature resolutions can be independently programmed for maximum flexibility and to minimize power consumption, depending on the application and operating conditions. The micro-Watt levels of power consumption of these sensors make them the ideal choice for portable and remote applications.

MEMS VISION ’s combined relative humidity and temperature sensors offer the industry’s most competitive performance-to-price value, for a wide range of applications and end users.

Fabrication in MoSiC™

MEMS VISION will offer access to its proprietary MEMS fabrication and packaging technologies, and to the long experience of its technical staff, to select customers who wish to fabricate next-generation MEMS devices using all or portions of MEMS VISION’s technologies.

Depending on each customer needs and capabilities, the fabrication of the MEMS devices can be done at our current fab. partner, or  MEMS VISION will work closely with a customer to transfer and establish its technology at a fab. of the customer’s choice.

Custom MEMS Development

MEMS VISION will capitalize on the experience, know-how, and solid track record of its technical teams, combined with its portfolio of silicon-proven MEMS and ICs, to develop full custom MEMS-based products and solutions which meet the different specifications and needs of different customers.