MVH3200D Humidity & Temperature Digital Sensors

The industry's highest performance and cost-effective RH&T sensors

The MVH3200D relative humidity and temperature sensors are built using the revolutionary MoSiC™ technology, ensuring maximum levels of precision and durability, even in harsh environments. All sensors feature fast response times, full programmability, and micro-Watt levels of power consumption, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of OEM applications and markets. Read more

Smart Solutions for Environmental Muti-Sensing

Multi-sensor integration at your fingertips

Accelerate time-to-market by fabricating your own multi-sensor solutions on a single chip through the well proven MoSiC™ platform technology. Sensors can also be integrated directly above electronics, for maximum performance and optimized cost. Harness the excellent experience of our technical team to design complex sensing microsystems and achieve your best-in-class multi-sensing solution. Read more